To Foundation Or Not To Foundation: That Is The Question

The Beginning

I started caking my face with make-up at the tender age of 10 when I found my auntie’s tube of concealer. I covered my entire face with its mattifying effect and instantly aged eight years. As a child always wishing to be older, I was obviously thrilled and proceeded to show the rest of my family. Needless to say, they were not impressed. Particularly my auntie Louisa, whose trusty stick of Maybelline magic had greatly depreciated from my enthusiastic endeavours.

I delved into the world of make-up application once again the year after. In my early years of high school there was a trend for wearing Elizabeth Arden’s compact foundation in ‘Honey Beige’ (who’s colour match would have only been an original Oompa Loompa), and to apply it you would dampen the sponge that came with the compact and apply the greasy concoction from there.

I had discovered another unfortunate look.

After that I remember trying a few other high-street foundations (Rimmel, Revlon, etc.) up until the age of 13, until eventually I gave up with it all together.

The Problem

I always felt that foundation created a mask that was unlike my own visage, smothering my personality. Plus, the thought of removing my make-up and my boyfriend’s reaction being: “who the hell are you?” was never a personal objective of mine. So I took a different route on my foundation journey, away from the liquid and solid variety, and went looking for a powder-based path.

The Solution

I found what I was looking for at eighteen years of age in MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. It’s affordable, blends in nice with my skin tone and lasts for 3-4 months. I apply it with the MAC 150 Large Powder Brush and top up throughout the day with the sponge that comes hidden in the foundation’s base.

MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder NW25

MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder NW25, £21.50

Another Problem

As I have aged however, I have found that powder-only bases have begun to highlight my premature ageing. And yes, I am getting the dreaded ‘lines’ at the age of 23 and now have three age spots – and I’ll say to you what my mother tried to drill into me: DO NOT USE SUNBEDS, YOU WILL BE SORRY!


I found a cosmetic solution to lines in the shape of No7’s Beautiful Skin BB Cream (Normal/Dry Skin). I apply this very thinly, as too of it much feels a bit greasy (I mositurise a lot too, it’s more likely a fault in me rather than the product), and then apply a little of my old favourite MAC Studio Fix to give myself a little extra coverage.

No7 BB Cream Beautiful Skin Normal to Dry

No7 BB Cream Beautiful Skin (Normal to Dry) £13.50

The Secret Weapon

Two months ago I was looking for something a bit special on the NARS website and came across their Light Reflecting Pressed Powder. I was dubious at first, but now can’t live without it. I use it as a ‘sealant’, if you like, to encase my face with its silken lightness.

This NARS product is honestly wonderful and worth every penny, especially after being in work for nine hours, travelling on the bus there and back, and on the way up to my apartment I catch a glimpse of my face in the lift* mirror, to be pleasantly surprised that my make-up is still on my face.

NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder

NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder (Translucent) £26

And there’s no “who the hell are you?” when I get home from work…

*(USA: elevator)


2 thoughts on “To Foundation Or Not To Foundation: That Is The Question

  1. Hey dude, have u tried MAC face and body? It’s lightweight and build able too. Great for day time, and for touch up just use blotting paper or a bit of translucent powder for us oily girls (I recommend Rimmel Stay Matte, cheap and works wonders!). As for dry skin people…I believe Nars sheer glow is the holy grail. All else fails…primers and setting sprays are a must! I’m currently using the new Avon setting spray, so far it’s nothing spectacular. Urban Decay has a tons of the stuff, depending on skin type and what you want out of it. I really ought to bite the bullet and replace my de-slick bottle :/ oh well I might pick one up when I visit the mothership…SEPHORA!! 🙂

    Love ur blogs, can’t wait for the next one xxx

    • Hey Jen! Thanks for reading 🙂 I haven’t tries the MAC face and body or the Nars sheer glow, I’ll definitely put that on the list. The Nars light reflecting powder sets my base, but I can’t stand primers. I know they’re great but I hate too much stuff on my skin (OCD!). I used to love Rimmel Stay Matte though, so good for oily skin!

      I’ll posting again tomorrow. Will have to meet up with soon I want to kiss your spherical head! Xxxxx

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